This is OnePush

OnePush is a comprehensive markdown editor on the web that allows you to write your blog post in one interface, then submit it to multiple blogging platforms. Crosspost to Medium,, Hashnode and more with the push of just one button.

Why use OnePush?

One Source of Truth

Write, publish, edit, update and delete your posts from OnePush's interface without ever having to visit other sites.

Post to Socials Immediately

Compose your social post and blog post on the same page. Write up what you want your tweet to say, create your canonical link, and then set the tweet to post—as soon as the blog is published, or at a scheduled time.

SEO Friendly

Set your canonical url to optimize google performance, set custom tags for each platform you choose, and much more.

Grow Your Brand

With OnePush streamlining your process, grow your audience and blogging platform faster!